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How to Learn Java for Beginners at Home in Year 2019

If you are Beginner in the World of programming with no Programming skill so far but still wants to know How to Learn Java at Home. Its not matter if you just want to basic understanding of Java basics of master the Advanced to Add in your Skillset by Following this Guide you can Learn Java in One day, In one month or the Advance Concept in just 10 days if you Dedicate enough Time in your Daily schedule to Study from Books, Online sites, Course or Tutorials.

Here i am not going to teach you Java online but marely show you the Methods, Techniques, tricks and the Tips to learn Java Online.

Even if you have no Programming Experience and Want to Know How to Learn Java from scratch then you are on the right place to start.

How to Learn Java

Before Going further and Deep dive in the Methods to Learn Java at home we First understand that What the Java is.

How To learn Java Online

According to the definition, Java is One of the most popular Objects Oriented, Platform independent robust programming language which is used in the Server-side and on Create the mobile Application specially the Android Application.

Especially if you want to create an Android mobile Application then Java is Absolute necessary. You can Create Android mobile Applications from Kotlin as Well but most of the Android Developers still use Java and This trend is not Going to end very soon.

Learning Kotlin Becomes easy if you are Master of Java basics. Even in Creating the Android Applicatin you do not need to be on the Advance level on Java. You can Just master the Basics of Java which is also known as Core java and then Dive into Android App development.

It will not Takes more then 10 Days if you Dedicate enough time to Study the Concepts of Java and Then Practice on your own. If you are already Proficient in other Programing languages like C++, C# learning Java is easy as pie.

So now the Question arrives How can an Individual with No programming Language so Whatsoever can Start learning Java from Scratch online.

There are multiple ways actually and What works you depends on your Learning Style.

Here is Some of the Methods.

  • By Online Reference Sites.
  • With Online Courses.
  • By YouTube Tutorials.
  • With the Help of Books, Ebooks.
  • Combining Multiple methods.

By online Reference Sites

There is lots of Tutorials sites that are designed on the Sole purpose to Teach you Programming. W3Schools, Tutorial Point, Java Point one of those most Popular Sites.

You can find Full-length Java refrence, Examples and You can Even practice the Code online on them, Nothing but by using your Browser.

You can use those Sites to Make notes, Learn, Practice and Later on when you need to Revise the Topics in case you forget.

Here is some of the Best Example –

Learn Java With Online Courses

if you are one of those Students who Learn Much easily in the presence of The Teacher then you should consider the Online Java Course.

The Online Java Courses combine the Video Lectures as well as Articles, Java Assignment to Practice on your own.

If you are Beginner and Distract very easily then the Online Java Course is the Best Solution for you. Even if you take a Long break during the Study you will know that from where you have started.

The Online Java courses or any other Programming courses are Generally paid However they will not nearly as Costly as real Diploma courses which teach at University.

In the End of The Course you will also get the Certificate of Completation.

Here are My Suggested Java Courses

By YouTube Tutorials

If you are Visual Learner then YouTube is the best place to find the best Java Tutorial for Beginners. You can even find the Java Courses in your Own Language if the English are not your Native language.

If you want to learn Java with the Help of YouTube then you Just have to head over to YouTube and search ‘Java Tutorial for Beginers’ and Filter the Search by Playlist.

This way you can find the Whole Playlist of one’s on Java from Start to finish. It depends on you which YouTuber’s Video you find easy for learn Java but here is My recommended Java Playlist.

Java Tutorial For Beginners By ProgrammingKnowledge


Java Tutorials for Beginners by Telusko

Java Tutorials in Hindi By EasyTuts4You

Java Tutorial for Absolute Beginners by Tech with Tim (Only Core Java)

Save those playlists so you can visit them again. If you Found any other Java Playlist on YouTube then you mention in the Comment section.

With the Help of Books, Ebooks

Not really a very helpful and Popular Method especially for the Programming Language. However, you can Use the Java Books to Make Notes and Later Apply them while you Pratice Java.

You can use Books Along with the Online Courses or YouTube Tutorials to Become master easily.

Here is My Suggested Java Books-

Combining Multiple methods

The Best Way to Learn Java is using multiple Methods to Broad your Understanding of Various Topics.

Like After Reading the Concepts, Defination in the Books or The Web sites watching the YouTube Video not hurt but you will learn something new about it or a new way to do the thing.

In the end, it all depend on you That How you Learn Java online.

Tips, Tricks, and Suggestion to Learn Java

  • Fix your Shedule and Dedicated it completely To Study and Practice java.
  • Don’t Rush, If you do not Understand Something then Find another Video on the Same topic, Example, Explanation anywhere Online where you can look. Take all the time that you need.
  • Do not overload YourShelf never learn two Programing Language on the same time. Especially the Java.
  • Practice is The Key, Dadicate 70% of your Study time to Practice the Concept that you Just learn.
  • Minimize the distraction. Keep your Phone Away unless you are Practice Coding on your Phone
  • Learning a New thing is tough and Frustrating Experience specially the Programming Languages. Dedication is important Without it you will not even able to learn basic thing even in Years.

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