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How to Import GitHub Project to Android Studio?

GitHub is the most Popular website among the Developers and Programmers which contains millions of Source code of Almost all of the available programing languages. All developers some point of time need to import GitHub project from GitHub.Com to their Android studio. If you are wondering about How to import GitHub project to Android Studio then you have to Follow this Article along with me to do so.

How to Import GitHub Project to Android Studio?

There is Actually two Different method to accomplish this Task. First one is simple, easy and not time consuming at all. If you Decide to second one then you may notice that, second one is not complex at all just Little bit tricky.

So whichever you choose, Just read the article first and Follow to Import Github project in to Android Studio project.

Method #1

  • First head over to the Github project page using your Computer browser.
  • On the page you have to Click on the Dowbload as Zip file.
  • Download will be Start, Soon.
  • Once Download fill be finish then Extract the Zip file using Winrar, 7zip or any other zip extractor.
  • Now open the Android Studio. Tap on the open Pdoject and Choose the folder which you just Extracted.
  • It takes little time to sync the project. Once the project Synced comletelly ; you are ready to Go.

Method #2

  • First you have to Open the Android Studio.
  • You have to Click on “Check out project from version control”.
  • Now select GitHub from the Drop down menu.
  • Now enter your Login information.
  • Fill out the URL of the project and Finally import it as Android project.

So both of the Method Simple, Easy & Completely straight forward way to import GitHub project to android studio. It depends on your choice and preferences which way you are going to choose. In the First method you have to Download the GitHub project as Compressed file, Extract it and then import using Android Studio.

But in the Second method; You can import it directly but you need to login in to your GitHub account first which does not Require in the first method.

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