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How to Apply StartApp Ads in Android App? – The Complex Guide

StartApp is one of the Most Used and simplistic App monetization Platform Available for the App publishers. Unlike the other Mobile App monetization network StartApp won’t suspend your Mobile App ads in Void and They Provide the Ads where users have higher Chance of Clicking on the ads, Thus your Revenue increases. So if you want to Know the Complete process of Applying or In other words which we developers use the the Most “Integrate” StartApp ads in your Android mobile App then you have to Follow along this Simple and Sweet Guide to Apply all type of the StartApp ads in your Android mobile Application.

How to Apply for StartApp Account – Signup

First and Foremost, even before opening your Android Studio and most essential Thing you have to do is Signup for the StartApp account. If you already done it, Then good you can Skip the few Paragraph and Jump the How the Apply StartApp App section. If you do not then please Keep reading.

They don’t have the Lengthy Process unlike the Other Ad networks so it can be done in the matter of Minutes.

Just Head over to Www.StartApp.Com and Sign up for a new Account. Once you fill up the Required steps then Open you email inbox, Open the Verification mail that you recieve from the and verify your Email address and Click on the Verification link.

You will redirected to the New page and Congratulation, Now you have the Working StartApp account.

One you enter you Correct information on the StartApp login Page, which is portal.startapp.com then you will be Redirected to the StartApp Dashboard.

So now You can Begin Working. However Before Going Further; i Suggest you to Fill up your Payment, Afterall all we Doing it for Getting paid isn’t we?

How to Apply StartApp Ads in Android App?

StartApp offers Multiple Type of Ads for the Publishers including Interstitial Ads, Banner Ads, Native Ads, Return Ads, Mrec Ads (Short of like Squire Banner Ads), Cover Ads, Rewarded Video Ads and So on.

There is Two main Part of Applying Ads in Android App-

1. Integrate the StartApp Sdk.
2. Customize the Ads (Optional but Highly recommend).

How Integrate the StartApp Sdk

Just like i said Integrating the StartApp Ads in your App is simple. Choosing, Customizing and Removing Certain type of ads Require Extra Steps However do not Worry; i am here to guide you for using all of them.

However Before Start the Customization we Have to Integrate the StartApp SDK in our Mobile Application.

Just Follow Along

  1. First you have to Open the StartApp dashboard and Then click on My Apps option in the Right Navigation Drawer.
  2. Now you will see the Big Yellow Button labeled as “Add new App” which is Equipped with “+” (In my case it was Big Yellow button on the Top right Side, if its different color in your Case then Please, Please Don’t argue about it that there is no Yellow Button).
  3. Once you tap of Add new App button then Ad the App URL and Click on the Add App.
  4. If your App isn’t Published on any App store Like Google Play store or Amazon App store and Just in Development then simply click on the “Click Here” Here link just Right Next to “Haven’t published your app yet?”.
  5. Once you Added the App on Which you want to Ad the StartApp Ads then you will see this App in the My Apps Section. You will also See the ”App ID” as Well.
  6. Copy that App id because we Need it latter.
  7. Now open the Android Studio and in it your Android App project.
  8. Once the Project Load Successfully then you have open the App level Dependency File.
  9. Copy the Code below and enter it just in the Dependency Section.
implementation 'com.startapp:inapp-sdk:4.2.3' 

You will now See the Option to Sync the Project.

Just Sync it.

Now you have to Open the “AndroidManifest.xml” and Under the <manifest> Element you have to Enter Following Six Permission. Remember that Entering the Internet and WiFi permission is Required but other Permission’s are Optional But Recommend for higher Revenue.

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/>
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE"/>
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION" />
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION" />
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED" />
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.BLUETOOTH" />

Now for the Final Part we have head over the Main Activity and Under the OnCreate method just Before Calling the setContentView() enter Following Line –

StartAppSDK.init(this, "Your App ID", true); 


Do not Forget to Replace your App id with your Very own App id That we Copied During 4th and 5th steps.

Integrating the StartApp SDK is finished Finally.

Customize StartApp Ads

After Finishing the StartApp SDK integration Run the Project in your Android Emmulator or In your Phsical device and you may notice that Ads in your App is start Showing. You may also notice that the Ads like Banner ads are not on the Right Place and the Auto Placement of the Ads might Harm your User engagement.

So if you do not Care about the Users then the monetization is Done right Here. However i , You and Also every Android Developer Knows that User is the Key to Evertthing. If user find your ads, App irritating then they will uninstall the App immediately and Give the App negative Rating.

Google is also Harsh on the Developer who create App just to show ads, So if you do not Want to go on the Google bad side as well then i suggest you to Customize the StartApp ads further.

How To Set User Constent for GDPR

In the Main Activity of your App, In OnCreate method just Below the setContentView() Enter this Code.

StartAppSDK.setUserConsent (this,



This method needs to Apply After you integrate StartApp Sdk in your App.

Disable Return Ads

Return Ads is the Ads that will Shows Automatically after Curton Time frame to your App user. If you really not want to Annoy your App users with Automatic return ads the i suggest you to disable this Ads

To Disable Return Ad Simply replace true to false in the Statement which we Use to Initialize the StartApp SDK (See : Step number 9 in Previous section of this Post).

Disable Splash Ad

If you do not want to Ad splash ad to the User which appears when they open the App then you can Disable Splash ads by entering this line of Code just below the initialization code in onCreate method.



By Default Spash Ads is enabled in your Android Application. If you use this it will be disabled, To Enable Splash ads Again Simply remove this Line.

Show Standard Interstitial Ads

To show Standard Interstitial you have to Place this Code in the Method which transist user to another Activity or Fragment –



StartApp Banner Ads

If you want to Add StartApp Banner Ads in Righ Place then just Follow Along.

  • First open the Activity XML file where wants to Add the StartApp banner Ad.
  • In the most of cases you may want to enter on the Bottom of Screen and to do so Just Enter This Code.



  • You may have to Make Marginal Adjustment, According to the Layout Type you choose to stick the banner ads in you page.
  • The process is the Same for the Merc ads , However the Merc ads will be Bigger and Require more space than the Traditional Banner Ads.

So that How you can Apply StartApp Ads in your Android App and make further Customization to make those ads perfect for your Application. If we Miss out any point related to the StartApp Ads integration in this Post then you can mention in the Comment Section, We will try to add in the Next update.

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