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How to Apply for Admob Account? Simple, Short and Sweet Guide

In you are a Developer who spend most of the time Creating the Android Apps then just like most of the Android App developer when time comes for the Monetization, Probably you know that Admob is the Best and Highest paying Mobile Ad network out there.

How to Apply for Admob Account?

If you are Wondering about How to Apply for the Admob account then you have nothing to worry about. Unlike other Mobile network Admob is not Choosy whom it consider worthy of placing their ads in their Apps. They accept anyone who have Proper app and as long as the Publisher Comply with their terms and Condition and Privacy policy, You have nothing to Worry about.

So now comes on the Fundamental Question; Which is How can any Individual Apply for the Admob.

This is Quite simple and Straightforward. You Just have to Sign up for Admob from Admob.Google.Com using the Google Account, Fill out the all of the Necessary details and voila You have a working Admob Account.

Later you also Require to update Your Identity proof and Verify the pin that You get on Your Address. The Address verification is Required whether you verify it by pin or by using Document to verify your Address.

You can Not add the Payment method (Bank account info to receive payment) unless you verify your Address and Identity first.

However that’s the Topic for Another Blog Post but here in this Article let’s me Explain How to get Admob Account First.

  1. First as you Assume already, you have to visit the Admob Site Admob.Google.Com.
  2. On the Top right corner on menu Bar you will see the Button to Sign up. Alternatively if you want You can also click on Get started to get Started.
  3. Now You are on the Signup page, You have to fill up the Required information.
  4. You also have to Choose the Google account which you wanna use as Admob account.
  5. You can also create a New Google Account if you want but i suggest you to use an Older Google account as much as possible which have fine Reputation in the Eyes of Google.
  6. Once you fill up the Required Details You will be redirect to the Admob Dashboard.
  7. Bookmark that page So you can Convivially open it when you have to check your Earning, Create Admob Ads and So on.
  8. Navigate to the Your Profile Page thru the Navigation drawer and Fill up your Name and Address.
  9. Please enter only your Correct name and address there which you had on your Id cards and in Bank account.

Name must be same on your ID card and Bank account. its Essential Because once you set the Payee name and Verify it you can not Change latter, So please careful; Google is not known for Giving the Second Chance.

So that’s the Whole Process for Apply for the Admob in the essence. Once you are on the Admob you can Create the Admob Banner Ads and Admob Video or Other Ads to monetize your Mobile Application.

So now you know just like as Said in the First paragraph of this Post that this is simple and Straightforward process. The Signup process won’t take more then Five Minutes of your life but it will make the Significant impact on your Earning that you make using Android or iOS Application.

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