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Starting a brand new Project in Android Studio

If you have previously worked on an IDE, then you can also work comfortably with Android Studio. In this article i am going to tell you how to create project in android studio? If you have not yet download and installed android studio or you have any problem in downloading, then you can see my download and install Android Studio tutorial. So let’s see how to create a project in Android Studio: –

Creating Project in Android Studio :-

  • First you click on File then go to New menu and select New Project. You will have the screen show below. Now, select any activity you like.

Creating Project in Android Studio

  • On clicking Next, you will see the screen shown below. In this, write the name of your application as I have written and you have to choose the target device and click Next after choosing the device for which you want to create the application for the minimum version of android and click on Finish.

Creating Project in Android Studio

  • f you have added any activity, then you will have the screen show below, in this you can customize your activity, such as you can name your activity. After that you click on finish.

  • Now you will have the screen show below. Your project has been created, now you can start creating your application.
  • That’s it!! 🙂

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